All about red... and Naomi

Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss photographed by Annie Liebovitz, Vogue Magazine September 1996

Hi guys! I'm so happy, that finally I'm writting this post, because of that one picture with Naomi and Kate. They're so goals! But also I really like all pictures which I had posted here, because they're remined me of summer and I can't wait to finally finish school! What about you? What your plans for this summer? Please, comment below.
So, I have to go to study now, so that's the main reason why I have written so little. Btw, if you commet what's your plans for this summer I would really appreaciate that, if you also write what else I should post about. Give me topic.
Love first photo! So me!
Hope you liked this post! Bye! - Rimantė.

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