Shadows and dolphins

So, just because I haven't posted anything for three months, today I have posted even two different posts! First were Red Roses and this one is just for inspiration. I really like all those pictures. Very beautiful are those with shadows and that girl drawing on the wall. Very simple look that with dolphins and my favorite - with Barack Obama. Honestly, miss him already. I uploaded that photo with car, because that color is just fire! I'm also in love with that photo with paintings. Love it! Hope you liked this posts! Bye! - Rimantė.

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Red roses

Roses, roses, roses... And red. Those two things are my favorite. You know, I follow amazing girl on instagram (@rosessoymilk) and first I found her tumblr and just after that I saw her face in her instagram photos. Her tumblr were full of red and golden color and everywhere were a lot of roses photos. Usually, they were red. And I think then I fall in love with those two things. Thank you, Eve! Honestly, my blog design is very similar to her tumblr design. She's my inspiration for everyday. I love her personality and her look (because she's very beautiful). Okay, okay, this post were more about Eve than... what? Sorry, I've forgotten what I wanted to write about! Love you so much! Bye! - Rimantė.

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Hi, everyone! So it is Febuary in 2017 and I still haven't posted anything! I'm so sorry. I was very busy, I had to study a lot and that's the main reason why I haven't posted, for, like, three months, because the last time I posted, was December. So, I'm so so sorry. Let's do quick overview - congratulation with new Lady Gaga's single "John Wayne" which I love! Also, I's so happy for Beyonce and her twins! And because it is my favorite song now, I also want to talk about Lana's Del Rey new song "Love". I always loved Lana so much and I were so happy when she realised her new song! Don't forget to listen that HERE. And those pictures, which she uploaded to her instagram, are just amazing! I think for this time that's all. Love you guys! Bye! - Rimantė.

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