It's finally here!

Finally! December is here! And I'm so exited to introduce you with what I'm going to post this month. Well, of course there going to be many pictures with snow, Christmas, nature, homes and other things which makes you feel comfortable and warm. Lot of posts about Christmas because December is Christmas, chocolate, Santa's and snow time! I love everything with those Christmas colors: red, green, white and gold! I'm going to talk about Christmas time, what it means to me, about presents and their ideas, what you should buy and what should't for Christmas gifts. Going to talk about snow, nature and like always art, architecture, those beautiful Christmas interiors and how cities look like that time of the year. About New Years too! Because soon it's going to be 2017! I think I will do post about how my year was going, what I did these years, and I wanted to write a posts about how everything around me changed when I started to think more positive. For this time that's it. Have a cosy december! See you soon! Bye! - Rimantė.

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