Like I meantion in my First post, I really like Tumblr and photos from this social network. Okay, there was a time, when I tried to make my Tumblr look more artist and more creative, but it didn't worked because I tried just too hard. You know, sometimes you just have to let thing flow and maybe when it look like things are falling apart they may be falling into places. So, I'm not trying to make my Tumblr or Instagram look very creative and what I always wanted to look - artist. Like I meantion, I love art and I always wanted that when people will see my Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr they will start to thing that I'm very creative and artist or even some people start to think that I'm talented. So remember one thing - don't try to be something who you aren't because you just have to be yourself. I know, everyone is saying that but trust me - it is 100% true! Hope you liked my post and get inspiration for yourself today. Bye! - Rimantė.

Images via Tumblr

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