It's finally here!

Finally! December is here! And I'm so exited to introduce you with what I'm going to post this month. Well, of course there going to be many pictures with snow, Christmas, nature, homes and other things which makes you feel comfortable and warm. Lot of posts about Christmas because December is Christmas, chocolate, Santa's and snow time! I love everything with those Christmas colors: red, green, white and gold! I'm going to talk about Christmas time, what it means to me, about presents and their ideas, what you should buy and what should't for Christmas gifts. Going to talk about snow, nature and like always art, architecture, those beautiful Christmas interiors and how cities look like that time of the year. About New Years too! Because soon it's going to be 2017! I think I will do post about how my year was going, what I did these years, and I wanted to write a posts about how everything around me changed when I started to think more positive. For this time that's it. Have a cosy december! See you soon! Bye! - Rimantė.

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Like I meantion in my First post, I really like Tumblr and photos from this social network. Okay, there was a time, when I tried to make my Tumblr look more artist and more creative, but it didn't worked because I tried just too hard. You know, sometimes you just have to let thing flow and maybe when it look like things are falling apart they may be falling into places. So, I'm not trying to make my Tumblr or Instagram look very creative and what I always wanted to look - artist. Like I meantion, I love art and I always wanted that when people will see my Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr they will start to thing that I'm very creative and artist or even some people start to think that I'm talented. So remember one thing - don't try to be something who you aren't because you just have to be yourself. I know, everyone is saying that but trust me - it is 100% true! Hope you liked my post and get inspiration for yourself today. Bye! - Rimantė.

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First post

Hi! My name is Rimantė and today I started my new blog - Broken Hearts and Roses. I want you to introduce with my new blog design and what about I'm going to write here.First, I thought maybe I could do more tumblr posts - like photos from Tumblr or just inspiration pictures from social networks, like Pinterest. Also I would like sometimes write about makeup products which I use and maybe new things I tried or where I were (like Sweden, Latvia etc.).
Sometimes I try to write maybe some stories or just talk about everything!Short about me: My name is Rimante I'm from Lithuania. I love art, architecture, fashion and Tumblr. Hoping that one day I'll go to study to Denmark. By the way, I ended art school and I'm big fan of interior design (in this blog you can find lot of pictures with my most likely interior designs).So where is Lithuania? Lithuania is in Europe middle. This country capital is Vilnius which is amazing city with beautiful building and architecture, but then I were in Stockholm I were more impressed by this big city architecture. All building was barok style. Lithuania is more farmers and countrysides country. I live near Klaipėda which is near The Baltic Sea.I'm big fan of interior design. I hope one day go to study to Denmark about interior design. Denmark, as I gues you know, has one of the best universities in the world.I love art. A year ago I ended art school. Four years I learned about painting, drawing and art history. I love drawing, but because I'm still going to school I don't have much time for this my hobby.I'm also a big fan of photography. I love beautiful pictures, but I didn't knew where to share them all so I created this blog. This blog will be more inspiration blog in which you can find lot of pictures. So that's why I love Tumblr so much. This app let me share all pictures which I like. In this post I uploaded few.Lot of time ago I used to write my blog, but now I have deleted that blog and started new one.I'm not traveling a lot, so, like I said, this blog would be more inspiration blog. Maybe one day I would do few post like "My favorites fashion bloggers" or "My favorites interior design blogs".For now I work alone. Maybe one day this blog will be writting by more people, but for now it is like it is.So, hope you guys enjoy my new design, my absoliutely new look. I thought maybe sometimes write few lithuanian post, but if you don't want that, please comment below.Hope you love it! Bye! - Rimantė.

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